Green Leaf Grocery has a carefully curated collection of local artisan food and fresh organic produce, along with grass fed beef, organic chicken, pork, and vegan meals. We realize that using as many local products keeps our money in our community, a win for having great choices and a win for Wisconsin! 

Our Products

We are constantly adding new products, but here is a list of some of our current ones:

Good Morning Baby's Beef from Juneau: Grass Fed beef as offered at the Watertown Farmer's Market including ground beef, t bone and porterhouse steaks, sirloin steaks and roasts.

Bill's Bold Products: Bill from Wakesha makes a full line of salsas, ketchups, taco seasonings, and dip mixes.

Potter's Crackers and crispies: Beautifully wrapped artisan crackers in many varieties from Madison.

Cheeses: Wisconsin cheese curds, parmeson, feta, cheddar, jalepeno

Halo Soaps, lotions, candles, and body butter from Milwaukee.

Pilcrow Coffee: Delicious fair trade and responsible coffee roastery in Milwaukee.

Urbal Tea: Medicinal herbal loose leaf teas from Milwaukee.

Rishi Tea: Delicious fresh tea widely known from Milwaukee, one tea bag brews a very large mug or two regular cups.

Indulgence Chocolatier: Chocolate made to order, beautifully wrapped, bars, truffles, and toffees. Great for gifts or a very special treat for yourself or loved one!

Milo's eggs: Organic eggs from an Amish farmer

WisPop: Soda brewed with the same method as beer, made with real ingredients including fruit.

Countryside Blossoms Organics: A variety of fresh organic vegetables

RBs Pasta: Fresh Ravioli, gluten free linguini and other pasta choices, pasta sauce and alfredo sauce.

Sam's Yams: Dog treats and daily chews

KalyAna: Gluten free, grain free, baking mixes and breads

Mudd Creek: Gluten free baking mixes

Madison Sourdough Bread Company

Beginning Tuesday, January 3, Green Leaf Grocery is excited to add fresh daily baked bread from Madison Sourdough Bread Company, a one of a kind bread brought here to our store in Watertown before the loaf is even completely cooled off. The unique baking process used by MSCo not only delivers the best bread you ever tasted, but is easily digestable by those poor souls who normally cannot enjoy eating deliciously baked bread! We are excited and I'm sure you will be too!